Katsuhiro Ito's expertise in intellectual property is supported by his work as a researcher in fields of polymer science and electronic/optical materials for fourteen years at a major chemical company and as a visiting researcher at the University of London. He was named as an inventor on over 100 patent applications.

He began pursuing his career in patent law by working in the company's IP department, and later joined a major patent law firm in Tokyo in 1996, where he was appointed as a deputy director in 1999. Then, he founded his own firm, K.ITO & ASSOCIATES, in October 2004.

As a patent attorney, he has engaged in a variety of projects, including litigating infringement disputes, filing lawsuits against JPO Board decisions and trials for invalidation, and executing opposition procedures. In one of his infringement litigations, damages of 10 billion yen were claimed, but the case was dismissed in favor of his client . His litigation experience extends to patent disputes abroad including patent infringement cases and IPR cases in the United States. In addition, he is also heavily relied upon for his expert opinion on the validity and infringement of patent rights as well as legal advice on patent licensing agreements.

1977 BSc. in Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo
1979 MSc. in Industrial Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo
1994 Registration as Patent Attorney
2004 Registration as Patent Attorney with Supplementary Note of Specific Infringement Lawsuit Counsel

Chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials science, electrical and electronic materials, optical materials